so we are demanding of our partners and value those who fulfill contractual obligations.
Our customers are the managers and employees of large Russian and foreign companies,
Observe the rules of business etiquette, culture of speech and dress code;
At the airport and train station, the customer should be met with an A4 sign.
If necessary, help with luggage;
Communication should not be imposed, music should be turned on only at the customer’s request. Smoking inside the vehicle is not allowed;
Driving style must be confident, calm, in compliance with the traffic rules;
Fill out the route sheet as required.
Your fleet is registered and consists of foreign cars
For cooperation, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity. The fleet must consist of foreign cars no older than 5 years.
You are reliable and prompt
In our partners, we value professionalism, precise fulfillment of obligations (including post-payment according to the schedule) and efficiency of work on orders.
Compliance with the requirements specified in the request;
Excellent condition, safety, serviceability and impeccable appearance of the car;
Cleanliness inside and out, absence of any extraneous odors;
Seat belts should be present for every seat. The driver must provide a child seat, should it be pre-ordered.;
Presence of a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a warning triangle, a spare wheel, as well as a third party liability insurance policy in the car.
We are open for new partners and areas of cooperation.
To learn more about the conditions - fill out the contact form and wait for a call.
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